Employer Of Record In Houston, TX

Are you looking to hire and manage employees in any country without setting up a local entity? ElevationHR can provide you with the necessary employer of record services to make it happen. With our experienced team, you can be sure that you are always compliant with any regulations, giving you peace of mind that you are doing business the right way.

What Is An Employer of Record?

The age-old practice of establishing a physical presence in foreign jurisdictions is both expensive and time consuming. Thankfully, at ElevationHR we have an Employer of Record solution that eliminates the need for such procedures. Through our employer of record services you can hire employees legally without needing to register a legal entity in the country – all liabilities, including PEO services, employee benefits, payroll processing, workers’ compensation and recruitment processes will be handled by us.
Employer of Record Services

What Does A Global Employer of Record Do?

For organizations wanting to benefit from the opportunities of global expansion, a global employer of record service could be the perfect solution. A global EOR is a third-party organization contracted to manage employee services in a foreign country, including payroll, taxes, employee benefits, insurance, healthcare coverage, and any visa or sponsorship requirements.

By outsourcing these services to a local expert, organizations can effectively focus on their expansion, while having the peace of mind that payroll and HR services are dealt with by a trusted professional.

Global Employer of Record

Benefits of Employee of Record

With employer of record services, organizations can benefit from increased productivity and reduced costs, while ensuring their employees are supported and protected. The followings are a few benefits which we offer at ElevationHR:

  • Accessing Global Employment without an Entity
    Organizations can employ globally without having to set up an entity, payroll, or hiring team, allowing them to start employing anywhere in the world.
  • Taking Advantage of Country-Specific Expertise
    As employer of record company, we have access to a vast range of skills on a regional basis, enabling us to present the most economical and reliable solution for your requirements.
  • Establishing Employee Benefit Packages
    We provide customizable packages for the specific needs of your organization, including health insurance, pension contributions, and other employee benefits.
  • Obtaining Immediate Global HR Support
    We offer instant global HR support, giving you access to legal expertise, recruitment policies, and standardized HR practices no matter where you are.

Expand Your Talent Pool by Reaching Out to Us

Our employer of record services offers a convenient way to manage your staff, from start right through to finish. When it comes to choosing the best employees for your company, you shouldn’t be restrained by geographical boundaries. With our service, you can recruit in any country across the world – even if you don’t have an entity established there yet.

Are you aiming to venture into new markets abroad? If yes, our EOR services are here to provide the necessary support and make your global hiring process smooth and effortless. Let us handle it so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

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