3 Ways a PEO Can Lead to Successful Mergers & Acquisitions

July 30, 2022

When you own a business, wanting to broaden your horizons is a natural step. Expansion can be a great help to get your business to reach new heights. Moreover, it also allows your employees to enjoy a hefty profit margin. This is where a Professional Employer Organization comes into play. A PEO has a massive hand in business Mergers & Acquisitions. In this article, we’ll explain what a PEO is and how it can aid in financial M&As.

What is an M&A?

Perhaps now, after years of experience in the industry, you are ready to grow your business organically. One way to handle that would be to merge your business with a competitor’s or acquire a new company with potential.

Cases like these lead to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), a corporate term that refers to a transaction of the ownership of different organizations or companies. One of the biggest factors M&A brings about is having to combine the two different companies and make them function as one.

What is a PEO?

PEO is an acronym that refers to a Professional Employer Organization. These organizations work on employing new employees to a business after coming into a joint-employment contract. This allows the PEO to gain access to managing and sharing various responsibilities related to the employees, which further opens the market for an employer to outsource HR functions. This includes employee benefits, payroll administration, tax management, etc.

Moreover, once the PEO signs the contract, they become the professional employers of their client’s employees. Decisions on the payroll, hiring or firing an employee, and such need to be verified by them first.

3 Ways a PEO Can Be Beneficial For a Business Merger or Acquisition

After a merger or acquisition, the problems that first arise are in the financial and technical categories. Dealing with employee compensation, compliance law, payroll management, etc., can be a nightmare. That is why referring to a Profesional Employer Organization comes in handy.

A good PEO will ensure your newly grown business stays on top of its game. Not to mention, once you have someone who can mitigate all HR-related tasks, you will have more time to focus and make your company prosper. Here are a few ways a PEO can cause successful mergers and acquisitions:

1. Solid Strategy
Since a good PEO consists of professionals in the field, they always stick to strategies that help untangle problems. They have a capable HR infrastructure they adhere to, one that upholds the core values of a business, along with the proper corporate culture required. Your company might already have an amazing strategy to fall back on, but with all the new additions and higher stakes, an outsider’s perspective could change the game.

2. Keen Eye
Since their entire job revolves around studying the twists and turns in a business, a respectable PEO will be able to handle all problems with their expertise. Through careful observation and due diligence, you will be given a compiled list that compares the two businesses, their past policies, retirement plans, employee compensation, consulting agreements, and such.

3. Solutions to All Problems
A PEO can dissect all sorts of hard and soft HR variables through their strong analytical and technical skills. These metrics give your company the exact knowledge needed to make future decisions.

The Closing Word

In conclusion, a Professional Employer Organization is vital to your business. Not only do they help to lighten your load, but they also provide you with some of the best skills in the industry. So much so that their services are unmatched by third-party consultants since they do not have enough resources or technical knowledge to work with. Contact Elevation HR at (281) 353-8847 to find yourself the best PEO for your company’s new merger and acquisition plan.

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